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Sell a house with
Beautiful Virtual Reality

The best way to sell real estate fast and profitably!

Selling a house is not an easy thing. That is why you can order Virtual Renovation of a house or apartment!

Our service HOTHOME - Virtual Renovation, designed for those who sell real estate around the world! We can create stunning 3d tour for real estate, which can be used in presentation in order to sell a house or apartment.

With our help you don't need any real reconstruction to highlight your advertisement on real estate market.

Virtually staged house

From start to finish. This short video demonstrates how we make virtual interiors for selling  real estate.

The main task of our service is to help people to sell property profitably and fast. Especially, if it is needed to sell a house as is. To do this, we create a virtual tour, a way of producing the subtleties of the future interior from the closest buyer, which can be implemented instead of the old renovation. If someone has an old house that is in a bad state, he or she can easily and quickly create a beautiful 3D presentation that will include a virtual tour and the opportunity to see what is happening and the future design of the room at the same time.



Interactive 3d house tour with an opportunity to change stages Before/After to see all the pros of the real estate.

Click on an icon of a device below:

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Selling real estate with virtually staged house

Staging a house for selling real estate.

Our specialists will do all the necessary work so that your property has an attractive appearance for a future investor or buyer. We will create a virtual interior of an existing house, which will give an understanding of the potential of a house or apartment and which can be realized. Simply put, the buyer of real estate receives a turnkey solution for reconstruction and repair.

This is not just a virtual tour of the house, it is an interactive model with the ability to switch the stage of repair BEFORE and AFTER. This will serve as the most visual representation of the entire future of the house, and the potential buyer will spend a significant amount of time available on the interior. Due to the fact that the virtual tour itself can be embedded in the site, this will increase the site's rating, because the amount of time spent on the site by the visitor will be prolonged, and this raises the site's ranking in Google search engine.

Image by Sven Mieke


Details matter, so we approach this stage of work responsibly!


If your interior needs a new look, you've come to the right place.


Hothome has a team of professionals whose task is to create an interior design project that will please everyone and give an understanding of how you can use and equip the interior of a house or apartment. Our goal is to unleash the full potential of the space and help the prospective buyer fall in love with their future interior. We study in detail every corner of the room so as not to miss the slightest opportunity to find the best spatial solution.

Finally, you get a perfect presentation of your real estate, ready to sell easily, without real reconstruction and with a profit!

Principles of succesful selling o a house

How much do you loose selling a house as is? To sell house as is, you may be offered price much lower, than you expect. That's because of bad condition of it and not appealing view of a house. Have you ever thought, that this state of real estate can be good for selling it?

We create a powerful beautiful 3d presentation of your house with full interactivity, that will show your potential buyer all the benefits of the house. And only that! Also new owner will have ready 3d project of renovation, which he can make after the deal. Here is a process of our work on a presentation of a house:


Our team creates beautiful interior design of a house.


We implement ideas in 3d tour, using virtual reality.


We give to our client links or files, which can be embedded on webpage to advertise.


Appealing presentation o a house helps to sell real estate quickly and for high price.

Write us and we give you details!

We are glad to work with real estate agencies and construction companies. This is our specialization and we know how to make your ad super appealing!

Also we can cooperate with private clients. And if you wonder how to sell your real estate without a realtor - we can make you a good offer!

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  • How much does virtual staging cost?
    It depends on a total area of a house or an apartment, complexity of interior and desired goals. Call or write us and we'll provide you all the information about Virtual staging for Real Estate. +380632634198 hothome.vr@gmail.com


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