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Virtual Real Estate and hidden possibilities of 3d Virtual Tours

Sometimes, to a real estate buyer, a house is just a box. He or she sees only what is at the moment and cannot imagine all the possibilities of future housing. One of the best real estate marketing ideas - is to create real estate virtual tour, which can show all the advantages and interesting ideas of interior of the house.

For example, in a nursery, you can simply place a bed, a table and a wardrobe, showing this on the furniture plan. But if you need to evoke emotions in the buyer, then this will not be enough. You need to show a colorful picture of how people will live in this house.

In this children's room, we designed a special pull-out bed hidden under the podium. During the day, the podium is used for sitting and playing. And the bed at this time does not interfere and does not take up space. At night, it extends and can accommodate up to two people.

Such and other innovative and effective ideas will help to generate interest in the buyer and create a positive impression of the house for sale.


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