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The main goal of our service!

Virtual renovation

My goal, as the leader of the HOTHOME – Virtual Renovation project, is to help Ukrainians continue to work, support their families, and develop their business and country further. On the one side. And on the other hand, to help foreign businesses to better sell houses and apartments, without forcing the owners to make repairs from cheap materials. We do not need the property owner to pay extra money for repairs that do not suit the buyer. We need the seller and the buyer to be happy with a good deal. The owner quickly gets a profitable sale without large investments in repairs, the buyer receives a ready-made interior design project, especially for this house.

VIrtual renovation

People who work in our design studio, do not ask for help, do not ask for money. They are asking to be known around the world, to be aware of the opportunities, that they can give to whole real estate selling sector.


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