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How to help Ukrainians and how can they help you?

Virtual Renovation

After the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, many designers and architects lost their jobs, stopped construction work, many orders were never completed. This puts good specialists on the brink of survival. Each of these people has a family, children, parents to take care of. Our small design studio has not become a rarity, in which there are good specialists who want to give people their knowledge and help in the field of interior design.


My name is Oleksii Bezkorovainyi. My design team is not afraid of the enemy, staying in Kyiv and trying to work on the design of interior projects to the best of their ability. In connection with the beginning of the war, we began to create a special project that was attracted for foreign business, in which talented Ukrainian designers took part. While working on the HOTHOME - Virtual Renovation project, I had a goal to create something new with simple means. Such a service did not require complex software, and it could be implemented simply by a designer. The idea for the project arose in the subconscious: every day, one way or another, I returned to the idea of ​​​​creating a service that would be useful to a real estate agencies, construction companies and architectural bureaus.

The main task of our service is to help people to sell property profitably and fast. To do this, we create a virtual tour, a way of producing the subtleties of the future interior from the closest buyer, which can be implemented instead of the old renovation. If someone has an old house that is in a bad state, he or she can easily and quickly create a beautiful 3D presentation that will include a virtual tour and the opportunity to see what is happening and the future design of the room at the same time.

This is not just a virtual tour of the house, it is an interactive model with the ability to switch the stage of repair BEFORE and AFTER. This will serve as the most visual representation of the entire future of the house, and the potential buyer will spend a significant amount of time available on the surrounding interior. Due to the fact that the virtual tour itself can be embedded in the site, this will increase the site's rating, because the amount of time spent on the site by the visitor will be prolonged, and this raises the site's ranking in Google search engine.


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